Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Peter Pan

Writing a paper and came over an interesting news writer, Peter Enahoro/Peter Pan(link to 'How to be a Nigerian'). It shows him as having been a popular writer, but I've honestly never read too much on Nigeria before this semester.

"Immediatly you think, as a leader, that you are special, from that very minute you have lost your place in the hearts of the people. The leader in a republic is not a special man. He, like all his fellowmen, is a plebian. All he has which the others have not got, is a special opportunity for a unique service. If that leader is any good he will continue to identify himself with the tears and laughters of the people.
"His fingers he must keep on the public pulse all the time. Once he breaks this contact and takes to his ivory tower and flanks himself with wine, women and song and, probably, too, with an armoury- as did a few of our erstwhile rulers- from that moment he becomes a misfit"( Peter Pan's 'Letters to a grandchild'- Daily Times 1966).

Hmm... back to work:)

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