Thursday, May 05, 2005

Well, well, well... "So there I was..."

Have you ever met someone that from only knowing them for a short time they constantly amaze you to the point that you hardly believe that they can be real. That you can't seem to find a single thing wrong with them even when they have the worst singing voice and seem to love nothing more than singing... It fits them perfectly nonetheless. You wouldn't want it to change for the world. They can't seem to do anything wrong, at least in your eyes.

But then you just met this person. You have to be a realistic. You can't fall for someone without really knowing them... You can't fall for someone without having experience with them. No one wants to be hurt. But then there seems to be no fault. The person can pick the perfect gifts for you as if they've known you for years, and talks to you as if they always know perfectly what to say. How can it be possible?

I've just had one of the craziest experiences in my life, and I don't know what to think of it. I met someone and all I know is that he has had a major impact on me for the short time that I've known him. Hell, I even feel like letting everyone know. I've told my parents about him. I just can't get him out of my mind.... and it is finals week!!! Its not like I see him at all either. I've seen him only a few times. The first time I met him he told me that he was going off to Iraq within the next couple of days. He told me a bunch of crazy stories and his theory on women(by the way I got the theory's name wrong, but it will be in his new book anyway), and I simply thought the guy was odd. He got my interest though. He didn't buy me a drink and he didn't get my number, but I remember walking out of the bar thinking that he was cool and I was kind of sad that I wouldn't see him again. But what did it matter; it was just another interesting experience, right?

I ran into him a few days later. His deployment happened to be pushed back a week. I didn't know what to think then, but I couldn't stop talking to the guy. He respected me, he showed me a good time and he evidently won Jess's approval. Strangely enough that was the most important part. Its like I trust her judgement on people more than my own. Okay, I can think of another person that comes to my blog every once and awhile that might have noticed from me introducing her to them that this is true. Its like if she doesn't like someone, then there is always something wrong with them. But she liked the guy, and so I gave him a chance.

Now he's in a different part of the country about to go off to war. Am I crazy for talking to him? Am I crazy for feeling like this? I don't know. I won't use the "L" word because I'm not insane and I'm scared shitless of it. But I can say that I feel like I've been thrown into some sappy romance novel and I've always thought those stories were full of shit.

I'm also writing this knowing that he will read it later, but it doesn't matter. Whatever I do, whatever I say, its as if he already knows me.

Hmm... What have I got myself into. Whatever it is, it has been nothing but fun so far. Just thought I'd let everyone know. Hope I don't embaress him too much by writing this post. Ah, that is what this is for though. Its my journal. I haven't put anything too personal. I write about what is important to me:) Right now, I'm figuring out what to think of him. Not that I really need to now. I have work to do and he won't be back till November. I love how life does things like this to me.

Later everybody:)

(Quote in the title is from Arthur. Yep, that's the guy)


Jessica said...

That is weird how we semi-got together with the same two dudes just by random chance. Cause I didn't remember either one. Only YOU remembered them, and had to refresh my memory. Of course you are more serious with Arthurq. Mostly because he has the whole nice guy thing going for him. You just fit together so well. I can't wait to meet someone who likes me as much as he likes you.

el said...

It is weird that we ran into him again.

Jim Buggz said...

aww, thats very sweet.
See if you can send letters to him while he is away overseas, I'm sure he'd appreciate the comfort your letters can provide while he is there. :) TTYL

el said...

I'll be sad if I can't keep some sort of communication with him. He's a sweety:)

whitechoclatespacegg said...

I once had a friend who had this girlfriend whom he thought was perfect. However he was always looking for flaws. Now we were in high school, 17 at the time, hard to believe that anyone could even know about being in love at that age, but he worry about it all the time, he couldn't possibly love her, they were to young. He was sabotaging the relationship. I say this because your situation sounds like his. (except she wasn't military, ironically though, her sister was.) Anyway he said he couldn't love her it was crazy, she couldn't love him, too young that sort of stuff, so I just told him he was making it too hard, sometimes it's so simple, love just is. Although in your case, he's gone, so it is hard, I'm just saying with the obstacles you face, just don't add any. I could be wrong it happens.

Good luck though.

Yakiniku said...

This sounds like a lot of fun. Keep at it. I don't think there are many things more fun and exciting than the feelings you're having now. Well, maybe reading the next Harry Potter will be...

You HAVE to write him. I'm sure he'll appreciate it more than you know. I'm not sure if you're just close friends or what, but long distance relationships can work.

el said...

Thanks for the comments. I hope this can work too. I will definatly see if I can write him when he's gone. He's a good guy. Right now I pray that I can possibly see him one more time before he is off; not sure if it is possible though.

Arthur said he agrees with whitechoclate.

I'll write later. Right now my proff wrote me and seems a little ticked, so I must go.