Friday, May 13, 2005

On to Arkansas

Since I didn't do too well this semester my mother has effectively guilt-tripped me into driving to Arkansas for one of my cousin's graduation. Ah, It could be worse. There is good news too, I didn't fail out of grad school! Yes! My profs kick ass!

Yes, I didn't fail, but I have more incompletes than I thought possible to have at one time. Hmm... Maybe I can hold off the real world for a little longer... Or maybe not. I haven't decided on that one yet.

That is the question: Do I finish the incompletes and continue on with school? or do I finish the incompletes and see what other job I can get? Well, I'm thinking that no place would want me and even if I didn't want to go back I would end up doing so anyway just from having nothing else to do. 18hrs of graduate work and its a 30 something hr masters...

Well, my mom is ready to go. I will write later!


Jessica said...

Arkansas, sounds fun! NOT!
Hope you have fun drivin with your mom.

nixonreed said...

Sit down and think about one thing. Does school make me happy? If not try out the real world its shockingly easy. Don't overthink it just go on gut its the only way to get things done. Remember what Dave Foley said " how far can you coast on charm. Pretty far actually."

el said...

Still don't know what I will do, but I will be back in San Marcos (hopefully with a properly functioning vehicle) tommarow:)